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Agency Foster Care Home (AFCH)- Policies and Procedures- North Dakota State Licensure

Agency Foster Care Home (AFCH)- Policies and Procedures- North Dakota State Licensure

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Introducing our comprehensive Agency Foster Care Home (AFCH) Policies and Procedures package designed specifically for North Dakota State Licensure. We understand the critical importance of adhering to state regulations and maintaining the highest standards of care in the home health industry. Our meticulously crafted set of policies and procedures is your key to achieving and sustaining compliance while delivering exceptional healthcare services.

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Table of Contents

Vision and Mission Statement
Document Control
Statement of Policy
Policies and Procedures
50-11-00.1. Definitions
50-11-01. Foster care for children - License or approval required
50-11-02. License granted - Term – Conditions
50-11-03. Department to make rules - Records kept by facility
50-11-04. Inspection by the department - Inspection and report by the department or its authorized agent
50-11-05. Contents of records not disclosed – Exception
50-11-06. Facility not to hold itself out as having authority to dispose of child by adoption unless licensed
50-11-07. Denial or revocation of license
50-11-08. Denial or revocation of license - Hearing – Appeals
50-11-09. Appeal from decision of department denying or revoking license
50-11-10. Penalty
Residential Habilitation 525-05-30-50
Criminal History Background Checks
Training Requirements
Reporting Requirements
Medication Administration
Crisis Intervention
Privacy and Confidentiality

Application for a License to Operate an Agency Foster Care Home for Adults
Criminal Background Check Consent Forms for All Caregivers and Employees
Medical Evaluation Forms for All Caregivers and Employees
Proof Of Liability Insurance Coverage
Resident Admission Form
Discharge Form
Incident and Accident Report Form
Medication Administration Record (MAR) Forms
Individual Service Plan (ISP) Form
Progress Notes
Treatment Plan Form
Billing Form
Staff Training and Competency Assessment Forms

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