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Assisted Living Facility- Policies and Procedures- Texas State Licensure

Assisted Living Facility- Policies and Procedures- Texas State Licensure

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Introducing our comprehensive Assisted Living Facility Policies and Procedures package designed specifically for Texas State Licensure. We understand the critical importance of adhering to state regulations and maintaining the highest standards of care in the home health industry. Our meticulously crafted set of policies and procedures is your key to achieving and sustaining compliance while delivering exceptional healthcare services.

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Table of Contents

Vision Statement 
Mission Statement 
Document Control 
Statement of Policy 
§553.5 - Types of Assisted Living Facilities 
§553.7 - Assisted Living Facility Services 
§553.17 - Criteria for Licensing 
§553.25 - Initial License for a Type A or Type B Facility for an Applicant in Good Standing 
§553.27 - Certification of a Type B Facility or Unit for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
§553.35 - Change of Ownership and Notice of Changes
§553.37 - Relocation
§553.39 - Increase in Capacity
§553.43 - Disclosure of Facility Identification Number
§553.253 - Employee Qualifications and Training
Staffing and Staff Training
§553.257 - Human Resources Management
§553.259 - Admission Policy
Advance Directives Implementation
Inappropriate Placement in Assisted Living Facilities
Medication Administration
Medication Supervision
Self-Administration of Medications
Medication Storage and Security
Medication Disposal
Accident, Injury, or Acute Illness Management
Health Care Professional Coordination and Activities Program
Dietary Services
Infection Prevention and Control
Restraint and Seclusion
Wheelchair Self-Release Seat Belts
§553.263 - Health Maintenance Activities
Resident Records Management
Guardianship Record Management
Residents' Bill of Rights
Residents' Rights and Dignity
Providers' Bill of Rights
Rights and Responsibilities of Assisted Living Service Providers
Authorized Electronic Monitoring (AEM) Policy
§553.269 - Access to Residents and Records by the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
§553.271 - Postings in [AGENCY NAME] Assisted Living Facility
§553.272 - Use of Facility Identification Number in Advertisements, Solicitations, and Promotional Material
§553.273 - Reporting and Response to Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation
§553.275 - Emergency Preparedness and Response
§553.327 - Inspections, Investigations, and Other Visits
§553.329 - Investigation of Allegations of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation
§553.335 - Confidentiality and Release of Information

Admission Application Form
Client Intake Form
Medical History and Consent Form
Care Plan Form
Emergency Contact Information Form
Financial Information and Billing Form
Incident/Accident Report Form
Medication Administration Record (MAR) Form
Staff Training and Competency Assessment Form
Resident Satisfaction Survey

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