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Development Disability Medical Agency- Policies and Procedures- Oregon State Licensure

Development Disability Medical Agency- Policies and Procedures- Oregon State Licensure

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Introducing our comprehensive Development Disability Medical Agency Policies and Procedures package designed specifically for Oregon State Licensure. We understand the critical importance of adhering to state regulations and maintaining the highest standards of care in the home health industry. Our meticulously crafted set of policies and procedures is your key to achieving and sustaining compliance while delivering exceptional healthcare services.

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Table of Content

1. Agency Management _ Personnel Practices
(a) Abuse Reporting Requirements
(b) Card for Abuse Reporting Status and Requirements
(c) Personnel Policies and Procedures Disciplinary Actions
(d) Retaliation
411-323-0050 (1) NON-DISCRIMINATION Personnel Policies and Practices
411-323-0050 (2)(a-d) Mandatory Abuse Reporting Personnel Policies
411-323-0050 Agency Management _ Personnel Practices

2. Individual Rights
(a) Abuse.Neglect.Retaliation
Informed of Family Contact
(b) Free from Seclusion, Restraint
(c) Meds prescribed clinical needs
(d) Choice in Treatment
(e) Informed Written Consent
(f) Informed Consent or Experimental
(g) Privacy_Environment
(h) Contacts and Visits
(i) Participate in Community
(j) Access to Education
(k) Lawful Compensation
(l) Financial Independence
(m) Personal property_control
(n) Supportive Services
(o) Meaningful Life
(p) Individualized Written Plan
(q) Individual Participation in Plan
(r) Request Changes to Plan
(s) Timely Decision
(t) Termination Notification
(u) Hearing
(v) Informed of Rights
(w) Encourage to Exercise Rights
(x) Exercise Rights if committed
(y) Assert Complaints
(z) Freedom from reprisal
411-323-0060+411-318-0010 (1)(a-aa) Individual Rights

3. Health
411-323-0060 (1) Health

4. Individual and Family Involvement
(a) Opportunities for Individual Participation
(A) Participation on the Board of Directors or on committees or
(B) Review of agencys policies
(c) Opportunities to Participate in Board activities (A-B)
411-323-0060 (2)(a-c) Individual and Family Involvement

5. Confidentiality of Records
411-323-0060 (3) (a-c) Confidentiality of Records

6. Behavior Support
411-323-0060 (4)(b) (A-B) Behavior Support (See OAR 411-304)

7. Protective Physical Intervention
411-323-0060 (5) Protective Physical Intervention (See OAR 411-304)
Use of a Department Approved Behavior Curriculum
When to Use Protective Physical Intervention

8. Handling and Managing Individuals’ Money
(a) Financial Planning and Management for individuals
(b) Safeguarding Funds
(c) Individual’s receiving_spending funds
(d) Individual interests and preferences
411-323-0060 (7) Handling and Managing Individuals’ Money

9. Complaints
(1) Individual Complaints per
(2) (a-b) Complaint Includes
(3) (a-d) Complaint Does not include
(4) Complaint_Abuse Reporting
(5) Assistance Filing
(6) (a)-(d) Written Instructions
(7) (a)-(c) Complaint Log
(8) Screening Complaints
(9) (a)-(c) Filing Complaint
(10) (a)-(c) Addressing Complaints
(11) Request for Review
(12) Addressing and Resolving
411-323-0060 (8) Complaints (See OAR 411-318-0015)

10. Agency Documentation Requirements
(a) Timeliness
(b) Accuracy
(c) Legibility, signed, dated
(d) Record retention
411-323-0060 (7) (a-d) Agency Documentation Requirements

11. HCBS
(2)(c) Residency Agreements
(5)(6) Licensed, Certified, Endorsed Provider Compliance
411-004-0020 HCBS

12. Financial and Business documents
411-323-0030 (3)(a)(B) Financial plan (audits for last 2 years or financial review)
411-323-0030 (3)(a)(C) Board of Directors (name,DOB,SSN) or owners information
411-323-0030 (3)(c) Scope of Services description OAR Chp. 411-323-0035
411-323-0030 (3)(d) Proof of continued liability and operational insurance coverage
Financial and Business documents - as outlined in OAR Chp. 411, Div. 323

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