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Non-Medical Home Care Agency- Policies and Procedures- New Mexico State Licensure

Non-Medical Home Care Agency- Policies and Procedures- New Mexico State Licensure

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Introducing our comprehensive Non-Medical Home Care Agency Policies and Procedures package designed specifically for New Mexico State Licensure. We understand the critical importance of adhering to state regulations and maintaining the highest standards of care in the home health industry. Our meticulously crafted set of policies and procedures is your key to achieving and sustaining compliance while delivering exceptional healthcare services.

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Table of Contents

Vision Statement 
Mission Statement 
Document Control 
Statement of Policy 
Initial Licensure Procedures 
Licensing Procedures 
License Renewal Procedures 
License Posting Procedures 
Non-Transferability of License Procedures 
Automatic Expiration of License Procedures
Procedures for Suspension of License Without Prior Hearing
Grounds for Disciplinary Actions and Sanctions
Adjudicatory Hearing Procedures
Compliance with Agency Surveys Procedures
Patient/Client Acceptance Procedures
Official Office and Records Management Procedures
Staff Health and Age Compliance Procedures
Professional Licensure Compliance Procedures
Establishment and Function of the Advisory Group
Administrator Qualifications and Responsibilities
Personnel Responsibilities in Home Health Care
Supervision of Medically Directed Services
Supervisory Requirements for Secondary and Non-licensed Personnel
Home Health Aide Training and Competency Evaluation
Training and Competency Evaluation for Homemaker/Personal Care Attendants
Patient/Client Rights and Responsibilities
Development and Implementation of the Plan of Care
Management of Patient/Client Records
Maintenance of Agency Reports and Records
Management and Oversight of Contracted Services
Maintenance of Staff Records
Quality Improvement Program (QIP)
Handling and Resolution of Complaints
Regulatory Compliance and Adjudicatory Hearing Procedures
Compliance with Health Facility Sanctions and Civil Monetary Penalties
Compliance with Caregivers Criminal History Screening Requirements
Health Facility Receivership Compliance
Compliance with Employee Abuse Registry Requirements
Incident Reporting and Management
Governing Body and Administration
Admission, Transition, and Discharge Policy
Reporting and Management of Abuse, Neglect, and Incidents
Client Complaints Handling
Infection Control Policy
Emergency Preparedness Policy
Recruitment and Selection Policy
Work Hours and Attendance Policy
Compensation and Benefits Policy
Leave Policies
Employee Conduct and Work Rules
Health and Safety Policy
Discipline and Grievance Procedures Policy
Training and Development Policy
Termination and Resignation Policy
Data Protection and Privacy Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Policy
Registered Nurse Standards of Practice and Conduct

Caregiver Onboarding Packet
Employment Application
Caregiver Interview Questions
Caregiver Reference Check
Homemaker Job Description
Personal Care Worker Job Description
Caregiver Availability & Emergency Contact Information Form
Caregiver Orientation/Training Checklist Sign-Off
Caregiver Rules of the Road
Acknowledgment of Receipt of Employee Handbook
Personal Care Competency & Skills Validation
Receipt of Policies and Procedures
Understanding the Differences Between Personal Care, Nurse Aide Care, and Health Care in the Home
Direct Care Allowed and Non-Allowed Tasks
Employee Automobile Use Policy
Time Off Request Form
Client Confidentiality/HIPAA Staff Policy
Emergency Preparedness Plan
HCA Staff Ongoing Training Policy
HCA Staff Ongoing Training Checklist
HCA Staff Ongoing Training Attendance
Home Care Aide (HCA) Staff Performance Evaluation
Supervisory Visit Form

Client Admission Packet
Welcome Letter
Client Service Agreement
Client Rate Sheet
Client Assignment of Benefits
Client Bill of Rights
Emergency Preparedness Classification Assessment Form
Client Complaint Procedure
Advanced Directives Notice
Credit Card Authorization Form (if applicable)
Client Assessment Form
Client Plan of Care
Fall Risk Assessment
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Policy
Use of Client Vehicle Authorization

Client Intake Form
Physician Form with Responsible Party Info
Nurse Assessment Form
Neglect and Abuse Form
Client Consent Form
Three Emergency Contacts
Staff Supervisory Review Form
Confidentiality Form

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