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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Agency- Policies and Procedures- Washington State Licensure

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Agency- Policies and Procedures- Washington State Licensure

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Introducing our comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Agency Policies and Procedures package designed specifically for Washington DC State Licensure. We understand the critical importance of adhering to state regulations and maintaining the highest standards of care in the home health industry. Our meticulously crafted set of policies and procedures is your key to achieving and sustaining compliance while delivering exceptional healthcare services.

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Table of Contents

Vision Statement 
Mission Statement 
Document Control 
Statement of Policy 
WAC 246-341-0100 - Behavioral Health Agency Licensing and Certification Requirements: Purpose and Scope 
WAC 246-341-0200 - Behavioral Health Agency Licensing and Certification Requirements: Definitions 
WAC 246-341-0300 - Agency Licensure and Certification—General Information
WAC 246-341-0302 - Agency Licensure and Certification—Exemptions and Alternative Means or Methods
WAC 246-341-0310 - Agency Licensure and Certification—Deeming
WAC 246-341-0320 - Agency Licensure and Certification—On-site Reviews and Plans of Correction
WAC 246-341-0335 - Agency Licensure and Certification—Denials, Suspensions, Revocations, and Penalties
WAC 246-341-0342 - Agency Licensure and Certification—Off-site Locations
WAC 246-341-0365 - Agency Licensure and Certification—Fee Requirements: Procedures
WAC 246-341-0367 - Agency Licensure and Certification—Fee Requirements for Tribal Attestations
WAC 246-341-0370 - Agency Licensure and Certification—Appealing a Department Decision
WAC 246-341-0400 - Governance and Administration
WAC 246-341-0410 - Agency Administration and Key Responsibilities
WAC 246-341-0420 - Agency Policies and Procedures
WAC 246-341-0425 - Individual Service Record System
WAC 246-341-0510 - Personnel Record Requirements
WAC 246-341-0515 - Personnel Staff Requirements
WAC 246-341-0520 - Agency Requirements for Supervision of Trainees, Interns, Volunteers, and Students
WAC 246-341-0600 - Individual Rights
WAC 246-341-0605 - Complaint Process
WAC 246-341-0670 - Crisis Telephone Support Services—Service Standards
WAC 246-341-0680 - Emergency Service Patrol—Service Standards
WAC 246-341-0700 - Behavioral Health Support Services—Certification Standards
WAC 246-341-0713 - Psychiatric Medication Monitoring Services—Service Standards
WAC 246-341-0715 - Crisis Support Services
WAC 246-341-0720 - Supported Employment Behavioral Health Services
WAC 246-341-0722 - Supportive Housing Behavioral Health Services
WAC 246-341-0737 - Behavioral Health Outpatient Intervention, Assessment, and Treatment Services
WAC 246-341-0739 - Psychiatric Medication Management Services
WAC 246-341-0740 - Deferred Prosecution under RCW 10.05.150
WAC 246-341-0746 - Alcohol and Drug Information School
WAC 246-341-0805 - Involuntary Treatment Facility Referral Policy
WAC 246-341-0805 - Involuntary Detention Procedures
WAC 246-341-0815 - Substance Use Disorder Counseling
WAC 246-341-0820 - DUI Substance Use Disorder Assessment Services
WAC 246-341-0901 - Behavioral Health Outpatient Crisis Outreach, Observation, and Intervention Services
WAC 246-341-1100 Withdrawal Management—Certification Standards
WAC 246-341-1108 Residential and Inpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services
Urinalysis and Drug Testing
Staff Response to Medical and Psychiatric Emergencies
Individualized Annual Training Plan
WAC 246-341-1124 Residential and Inpatient Mental Health Services — Rights Related to Antipsychotic Medication
WAC 246-341-1133 Evaluation and Treatment Services
WAC 246-341-1135 Secure Withdrawal Management and Stabilization Services
WAC 246-341-1156 Competency Evaluation and Restoration—Rights
WAC 246-341-1300 - Applied Behavior Analysis Mental Health Services
Use of Seclusion and Restraint
Reporting and Documentation of Suspected Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation
Reporting of Impaired Practitioners
Protection of Youth
Completing and Submitting Reports
Reporting Critical Incidents
Smoking Policy
Evacuation Plan
Individual Rights
Individual Complaints
Background Checks and Disclosure Statements
Drug-Free Workplace
Staff Training

Incident Report Form
Employee Information Form
Client Agreement Form
Grievance/Complaint Form
Informed Consent Form

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